Our research programme relies on a wide range of digital resources, while also generating new data sets through data collection and curation. You can read more about methodological and operational aspects of our work on our project blog (see Blog). Below, you can find links to a variety of data resources that you may find of use in your own work:

ANE.kmz – Site Placemarks for Google Earth
A widely used general gazetteer of archaeological sites across the Middle East, now counting more than 2,500 discrete entities. The index is maintained by Olof Pedersén of Uppsala University.

Cuneiform Site Index (CSI)
A data set derived from spatial data collection work at GLoW, this resource lists more than 250 archaeological locations where cuneiform inscriptions have been found.

GLoW project bibliography (GLoW RJ)
Our project bibliography is freely accessible on Zotero web pages and is continuously expanded as data collection work progresses. While currently under development, you will be able to browse entries and download individual references as well as the entire library.